Saturday, November 26, 2011

Farishta by Patricia McArdle

When this novel opens, Angela Morgan is still recovering from a huge loss suffered 20 years earlier. Now, with her diplomatic career languishing, she is assigned a year in Northern Afghanistan working along side British troops.  Often the only woman, she forges a niche in this world of male dominated and tribal mores. She befriends a young interpreter as well as a young woman law student who are both from Afghanistan. She finds a meaningful project helping the Afghan provide simple solar ovens for families to cook their food. And she finally learns to deal with her long time PTSD.

This book is about a woman who finally heals and finds her passion. The best part of this book is the sense of place. I loved seeing Northern Afghanistan through this American woman's eyes.  She speaks the language fluently, is respectful of the customs, yet wants women to thrive and the country of Afghanistan to find its way.

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